Out-of-the-box assessment for PR and BD professionals

Find A Rainmaker (FAR) provides rapid behavioral assessments to identify who is apt to be a strong media spokesperson or business development professional. This tool allows companies to generate significantly more revenue by identifying the right people for the right roles – uncovering optimal rainmakers and teams.

The Cloud-Based Software to Identify PR and BD Leaders In Your Organization

Find A Rainmaker (FAR) is a rapid behavioral assessment tool used to identify strong media spokespeople, lead generators, closers, analytically minded, and creative people. Form a stellar team using the results of biodata from a survey that takes less than 10 minutes. Generate significantly more revenue by identifying the right people for the right roles – uncovering optimal rainmakers and forming impactful teams.


Developed by a team of PHDs, technologists, PR/BD professionals, and designers.

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What People Are Saying

"A person's comfortable level in a media interview or at a networking event varies, but it is often hard for them to communicate this. The biodata we gathered from Find A Rainmaker helped us understand the right fit for the right scenario based on behavioral strengths rather than leaving it to chance. It's amazing how accurate their assessment is, all in under 10 minutes! This data will help us plan media strategies and develop our training and coaching to maximize the success of our revenue generation streams."

Jennifer O’Donnell
Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer
Segal McCambridge

What People Are Saying

“The reality is that while the intention is to build a firm where revenue generation is done by many, a great deal of time and money is wasted if people are not in the proper roles or are not provided with the coaching they need. “Find a Rainmaker was built to address this problem by using biodata to help inform decision-making surrounding who is best suited to focus on PR, lead generation, creative thinking, analytics to measure success, and closing a deal."

Peter Johnson
Lawyer, Psychology PhD, and Founder
Law Practice Consultants

What People Are Saying

“My results and conflict report were spot-on. Scary how accurate this was! I like how under the “growth recommendations” it gives scenarios to consider and questions to answer.”

Melissa Williams, MA
Senior Manager, Talent Development
Cohen & Company

    The 10 Minute Assessment

    Our assessment takes less than 10 minutes and provides data to build effective teams, optimized for growth. We've analyzed behavioral traits of thousands of individuals in multiple industries to create detailed reports with insights and next steps to grow your business.

    Find A Rainmaker

    Backed by data, discover team members who are natural media spokespeople, business developers, and overall rainmakers.


    Build An All-Star Team

    Behavioral trait reports help you build the most effective teams using data. Our reports tell you how to align your teams for maximum success.


    Pinpoint Strategy

    Every organization has individuals they would clone if they could! Using our custom behavioral profiles, we can use traits of your strongest performers to help you find more people like them. 


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