Hey, Big Shot Media Mogul!


By: Eric Althoff

When it comes to making it “rain” in the FAR sense, the Media Mogul is the true master of accomplishment. Moguls can be thought of as the public faces of an organization (there’s a reason the Hollywood big shots of yesteryear were known as “studio moguls.”)  The Mogul is tireless, super dedicated to their business, and exhibits traits that demonstrate a singular focus on any given task—which they invariably follow through to completion.   

The Mogul is highly self-assured and comfortable being the circus ringmaster. How and when they sleep is a mystery. While they might seem socially aloof at times, preferring to discuss stock market fluctuations rather than anything about their personal life, that personality quirk is precisely what makes the Mogul so darned effective. 

Media Moguls see the big picture 

Returning to the notion of the motion picture bosses of the early days of Hollywood, the Media Mogul is thinking months, if not years, ahead in terms of business success. The Mogul is in it for the long game, prefers not to sweat the small stuff, and has their eyes on prizes that might not be visible to more short-term-oriented achievers. Moguls want to leave a lasting legacy—quite often with their names attached. Maybe few people outside of academic circles today recall the name Jack L. Warner, but everyone knows the name of the company he co-founded, Warner Bros., even a century later. 

Like Jack L. Warner, today’s Media Mogul is the face of the organization. Their names are known to the layperson, as the Mogul is quite often to be found on the covers of magazines, on TV, and in various other media. Their media appearances are likely to be all business, with the corporate mission the gospel they invariably preach.    

The Media Mogul is a Type A personality who may benefit from training and coaching 

The Media Mogul of the Gilded Age bore names like Rockefeller, Carnegie, Stanford, Vanderbilt, and Astor—their names remain on buildings, universities, and companies to this day. Their 21st century equivalents are equally familiar to us: Bezos, Jobs, Musk. Oprah! Who is such a badass she’s known by her first name alone.   

You can easily spot Media Moguls a mile away – they are poised, quick on their feet, and enjoy using their expertise to provide insights that help others learn. They genuinely want to improve anything they touch and serve as a mentor along the way. You often find them contributing to industry publications, participating on panels, teaching a class, starting an incubator program to advance the industry, and mentoring new employees. They keep their eyes on trends, and when they see something interesting, they make sure everyone knows about it.  

While the Media Mogul is unquestionably highly accomplished and goal-oriented, their kryptonite is receiving criticism of any kind and making quick decisions. The modern landscape dictates that leaders be open to constructive criticism and varied opinions before moving forward. Thus, FAR offers the right type of media training to help the Media Mogul learn to be more open and hear everyone out at the next strategy meeting. Schedule a demo to learn more.