Close Conference Attendance With Lots of Leads


Published in the New York Law Journal. 

By: Ioana Good

Fall brings us changing leaves, cooler weather, the start of school, and conference season. Conferences from various industries are held in the fall, providing opportunities to learn, network, and drive business and revenue. However, conferences cost money. In addition to the admission fee, there are travel, hotel, sponsor packages, and meal costs to consider.

Like any savvy investor, it’s best to be diligent about preparing to attend a conference, maximizing your return on investment, and ensuring that the money and time spent there will prove its worth in the long run. Here are some strategies for before, during, and after a conference to help you succeed.

“In our business, it’s imperative to attend industry-related conferences,” says Jim Prichard, Managing Partner at Ball Janik LLP. “This allows us to remain at the top of our industry, keep our connections close, and provide valuable content. We spend a large part of our marketing budget on conferences, and we must choose the right people to attend conferences to network, provide content, and close deals.”

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