Leveraging Behavioral Assessments in Legal, Released by the Reinventing Professionals podcast


Reinventing Professionals podcast released an episode titled, “Leveraging Behavioral Assessments in Legal.” Host Ari Kaplan interviewed Co-Developers Ioana Good and Adrien Maines about their new tool, Find A Rainmaker. On the podcast, Ioana and Adrien discuss how behavioral assessment helps companies place people in optimal positions by using biodata to build strong teams, identify strong media spokespeople, and ultimately drive revenue. 

“We can leave politics aside because now we have all this biodata to prove these behavioral tendencies,” Ioana said on the podcast. “Firms can [now] be a little more nimble and strategic. In essence this saves money!”  

In less than 10 minutes, Find A Rainmaker gauges an individual’s behavioral characteristics and compares them to five behavioral benchmark categories: Media Mogul, Notable Networker, Constant Closer, Amazing Analyst, and Creative Collaborator. It is both fast and concise, presenting the test-taker with only one question. 

“A lot of people have that capacity of selling themselves into a job…but then you find out that they’re not great closers or perhaps they’re better suited for an analytic position or being in front of the media,” Ioana said. “This specific assessment helps you very quickly identify who is well suited for each area of revenue generation.”  

Listen to the podcast in full; click here.