Find A Rainmaker Listed as Finalist for Ragan PR Daily’s 2023 Content Marketing Awards for Best Product Launch


Find A Rainmaker (FAR) has been named as a finalist for the prestigious Ragan PR Daily’s Product Launch Award 2023. FAR is listed under the category Best Product Launch. Among the finalists chosen are Salesforce, Yale University, Mastercard, Northrop Grumman, and many other well-established brands in diverse business sectors. See the list here. Award winners will be announced at the beginning of December. 

FAR is a behavioral assessment tool that takes less than 10 minutes. It rates participants against five behavioral benchmarks that were developed by sampling hundreds of successful revenue generators. These results help companies quickly identify the proper roles, training, and coaching needs for their people, feeding a culture of growth. The five benchmarks are: Media Mogul, Notable Networker, Amazing Analyst, Creative Collaborator, and Constant Closer. FAR also offers comparison assessments with other participants to identify key collaboration areas and potential areas for improvement and coaching. FAR helps managers use data to create collaborative teams more effectively and adequately divide responsibilities according to these five behavioral types. 

Co-developers Ioana Good and Adrien Maines set out to help maximize efficiency with marketing and business development to create teams and direct the right people to attend sales conferences versus tackling more creative projects and closing deals. 

“It is truly an honor to be nominated by Ragan for this year’s Product Launch Award 2023,” said Maines. “FAR is a program we are proud of, and it is effectively changing the way companies approach role assignment to maximize growth.  

“Whether building a sales team, expanding PR efforts, or providing analysis on a marketing campaign, FAR gives leaders data to make informed decisions. We thank Ragan for this recognition and our team for all the great work it took to get here,” said Good. 

About Find A Rainmaker 

Developed by behavioral PhDs, technologists, PR and BD professionals, Find A Rainmaker (FAR) is the premier cloud-based rapid behavioral assessment tool designed specifically to identify individuals suited to the roles of Amazing Analyst, Constant Closer, Creative Collaborator, Media Mogul, and Notable Networker. The FAR assessment, which takes 10 minutes or less, helps businesses quickly identify people well-suited to generate revenue, form teams, and provide training and coaching opportunities. To learn more, visit